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Riyadh, One of the Biggest Commercial Cities in the Arab World

Commercial real estate rent Riyadh

It is a well known city in terms of organization, availability of real estate, economic and commercial development. It devided into 15 municipal districts and it is home to almost 7 million people. For that, Saudi people enjoy living in a pretty and especial city such like Riyad. Also, the residential sector saw rental and prices increases such as apartments, villas, etc. Now, we are talking about the commercial sector, there are different options for investors in Riyadh, some prefer to buy a commercial real estate, and others are looking for rent commercial spaces if he / she intends to start a commercial project or even to expand the current one. It can be started by the lower costs.

What are the benefits of renting a commercial space in Riyad?

Before start looking for a commercial property for rent, most of investors focus on the main commercial streets like King Fahd Road, Al Takhasosi Road, and many others. Either if this real estate was a warehouse for rent, or a shop, or a business shop for rent in Riyadhcenter ,etc.

Since Riyadh is a large and expanded city, commercial establishments are increasing in number throughout all its areas. This refers to the clear path of developing in terms of economy and commerce. However, what should be taken into consideration too is the main commercial fame for the area, as some commercial areas have similar stores like restaurants, health services, or electrical shops (like some parts of Al Takhasosi Road). So, in case the investor intends to open a commercial shop, he / she needs to study the surrounding shops in the area.

Commercial stores are also one of the most real estate offered for rent. Some of them are far away from services so they a bit cheaper than other areas, which is a very good chance to rent a store with a lower costs.

Rental prices in Riyadh have been raised in the last ten years, but some areas still hace suitable prices while others are very high especially in the north of the city.

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