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Flats For Sale in Dar Al Baida - Buy Apartments

Invest in Dar Al Baida in Riyadh:


There is a very famous neighborhood that has the name Dar Al Baida. This neighborhood is located in the south of Riyadh. It is bounded to the north by Al Azizia neighborhood, to the south by Tiba and Al Mansoria neighborhoods. Moreover, it is bounded to the east by Al Defaa neighborhood, to the west by Al Masanee neighborhood.

It is worth mentioning that there are two roads that pass by the neighborhood and are considered two of Riyadh’s most important roads. Al Kharj road is one of them and it passes by the eastern side of the neighborhood. The other one is Al Haeer road which passes by the western side of the neighborhood. Beside the mentioned roads, there are Arafat road which passes by the northern side of the neighborhood, and Al Yaqoot road that passes by the southern side of the neighborhood. The neighborhood is well organized as once you look into its map; you figure out that it looks like a semi-rectangular which is divided into 3 parts by two main roads pass through. These roads are Al Azizia road and Mohamed Rasheed Reda road.

Public services:

As the rest of Riyadh’s neighborhoods, there are some problems that face public services. Thus, Riyadh municipality plays a vital role. It is doing its best to satisfy the capital residences by providing the best way of living. Giving some examples of that:

-       It is fixing the neighborhood Sewerage system.

-       It is responsible for road pavement.

-       It welcomes the residences’ complaints by receiving them within a particular day that is set only for this purpose.


As for the provided services in the neighborhood, we would mention some:

Hospitals: Al Naqahaa hospital – Primary medical centers. Schools: Al Ansar school- Darar bin Al Azwar primary school. Mosques: Al Tawon – Khadija bent khowailed – Dar Al Baidaa. Banks: Al Rajhi Shopping centers: Panda – Al Otaim. Restaurants: KFC – Pizza Hut. Gardens: Dar Al Baidaa Garden.

Apartments for Sale in Dar Al Baida:

Residential real estate market is flourishing in Dar Al Baida neighborhood as most buyers like to own property there as it is part of Riyadh. In this part of the articles, we will talk about apartments that are for sale in Dar Al Baida. The prices of apartments there are determined according to the size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and whether it contains of one floor or duplex.

One floor apartment: If an apartment there whose area is 244 square meters and contains of 3 bedrooms and 4 baths, its price for sale would be about 650,000 SR.

Duplex apartment: If a duplex apartment there whose area is 375 square meters and contains of 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, its price for sale would be about 1,200,000 SR.

The most expensive apartment there: According to Lamudi, the most expensive apartment in the neighborhood and is published on this website  which is a duplex whose area is 435 square meters and contains of 4 bedrooms and 4 baths, its price for sale would be about 1,600,000 SR.

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