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Dhahrat Laban the only one having this name:

Dhahrat Laban

Dhahrat Laban, you will not hear such a name except in Riyadh. It is the only neighborhood in the Saudi Arabia whose name is Dhahrat Laban. Some people call it Laban suburb. It is located in the western side of Riyadh.  It is also located between Hanifa valley in the north and Laban valley in the south. Both valleys help the rainwater to drain off automatically. This limits the water flood problems. This feature is exclusive for this neighborhood and not available for the rest of Riyadh’s neighborhoods. This attracts people to buy either apartments or villas in the area.

Talking about its boundaries, its northern boundary is Al Mahdia neighborhood. Its southern boundary is Tawiq neighborhood. Moreover, its eastern boundary is Wady Laban neighborhood. Finally, its southern boundary is unpopulated land. Moving to talk about the main roads passing by and through the neighborhood, we would mention the western ring road which passes through it. There is also Al taif road that passes through it and Jeddah road passes by its eastern side.

Land for sale in Dhahrat Laban overview:

It is known that one third of Dhahrat Laban’s area is unpopulated land that is offered for sale or rent. This makes the land real estate market prosper especially which is offered for sale. The land prices in the neighborhood depend on its location, area, the services available for, and the purpose of it whether commercial, industrial, or residential.

Dhahrat Laban

Commercial purpose: This who intends to set up a commercial project starting by owning the land firstly then set his project; he should search for land that is close to the populated zones. Moreover, the land area should be suitable for his project. For example, if a piece of land whose area is 4800 square meter, it is appropriate for building a huge commercial mall.

Industrial purpose: This who intends to set up an industrial project; he should search for land that is located in an industrial zone where certain services are available such as, paved roads. It is advisable that the land be away from the populated zones. This land can be found in the western side of the neighborhood.

Residential purpose: This who intends to set up a residential project such as building a block, a villa or even a huge compound, should search for a piece of land whose area is suitable. Moreover, it should be close to the main roads that ease access to it. For example, if it is going to be a block, he should think of the renter whether he belongs to middle class or to the elite one. This would ease choosing the appropriate zone to start building the block. If it is going to be a villa, he should search for a piece of land that is located within villas zone. There is a piece of land that is appropriate to build a villa. Its area is 900 square meter and is located in villas zone.

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