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Dharat Laban the only one having this name


Dharat Laban neighborhood is located in Riyadh. It is the only neighborhood that has this name all over Saudi Arabia. Its location is in the west of Riyadh. It is bounded to the north by Al- Mahdia neighborhood, to the south by Tawiq neighborhood, to the east by Wadi Laban neighborhood, and finally it is surrounded to the west by unpopulated land. It is worth mentioning that this neighborhood is located between two valleys. These vallyes are wady Hanifa and wadi Laban. Due to them the neighborhood doesn’t face the problem of water flood problems as the rain water is drained off there automatically.

Most important places in the neighborhood:

Education: Attaa bin Yasser intermediate school – Beshr bin Al Waleed Primary school – Leaders National schools for males. Medical services: Sand Al Jezeera dispensary – Laban medical center. Banks: Al Bilad- Al Rajhi. Governmental landmarks: Electricity station – Arafa Municipality. Mosques: Al Tawheed – Abu Bakr – Omar bin Abdel Aziz. Resturants: Ghozy – Herfy – Dunkin’ Donuts – Pizza Hut. Gradens: Dharat Laban Garden. Shopping Centers: Al Othaim – Panda – Dana centeral food market. Sports clubs: Riyadh Club.

Buying a Villa in Dharat Laban is a Lifietime Investment


Residential real estate market is flourishing in Dharatret Laban neighborhood as most buyers like to own property there, especially villas, for many reasons, some of which are:

1-      Zharat Laban is part of Riyadh; thus, its residences can enjoy all the facilities and services existed in Riyadh.

2-   2. Once buying a private villa, you feel stability, privacy and comfort of the rental expenses.

3-   The villa area is larger than the flat area which suits for large families.

4-   Banks these days offer real estate finance for those who wish to buy villas making it easier to repay.

5-   The villa is considered a commercial project and also a source of investment, whether to rent it sooner or sell it later.

In this part of the articles, we will talk about villas that are for sale in Dharat Laban. The prices of villas there are determined according to the size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Villa: If a villa there whose area is 200 square meters and contains of 5 bedrooms and 4 baths, its price for sale would be about 800,000 SR.

The most expensive villa there: According to Lamudi, the most expensive villa in the neighborhood and is published on this website whose area is 1200 square meters and contains of 4 bedrooms and 4 baths, its price for sale would be about 4 Millions SR.

The cheapest villa: If a villa there whose area is 450 square meters and contains of 4 bedrooms and 2 baths, its price for sale would be about 330,000 SR.

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