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Before beginning your search for a villa in Riyadh

house for rent in riyadh

Many big and young families decide to move and live in a villa to enjoy the privacy and comfort atmosphere away from shared service buildings. For that, and before embarking on the search for appropriate house and exploring  the leasehold market, it is best to take the following advices in consideration for the Riyadh real estate market:

o Try to focus on the area that you want to live in, whether it is closer to your job location or in a neighborhood of integrated services. To shorten the search process, exclude the neighborhoods that are known by high renting rates from your search list.

o You have to accept the house design as it is, in case you found small rooms, unattractive bathroom colors, high kitchen cabinets and other superficial observations and criticisms. You should take this into consideration only if you decided to purchase the house.

o Take the decision quickly, If you were satisfied with the site and its features in general. Pay a deposit to book the villa and thus ensure not to lose the renting opportunity, as you prove to the owner your acceptance and seriousness by the submitted amount.

o In the event of using a real estate broker to save your time and to take advantage of his experience, remember not to underestimate his right by going directly to the house owner as you will be unjust with him after he devoted his time and effort to secure the perfect residence for you.

o Do not compare the leasehold prices of the city center with other neighborhoods, because you will inevitably get tired and will not be able to resolve your decision.

o Be always updated on rental price rates in Riyadh to be aware and ready for future rising or falling of the prices.

Villas for Rent: Riyadh Offers in Various Neighborhoods

Unlike the market in Jeddah, there is a slight decline in the villas rent prices in houses for rent in riyadhRiyadh during the last few years, the increasing population growth and the large accumulated deficit of housing units are still major factors contributing to preserve fixed and stable rates. For instance, the center of Riyadh is till scoring the highest renting prices, which are not less than 140,000 riyals annually in neighborhoods such as Almurabba , Almarqab , Batha , Aldeira , Alsalehia , Malaz and Alfakria.

Next highest leasing rates come in the western of Riyadh where prices are ranging from 120,000 to 130,000 riyals in Alibdieih, Suwaidi, Algharbi and Shubra districts. While villas in the north of the Saudi capital (Muqrazat, Alezdehar, Alwaha, Alwrood, Almrooj, Alghadeer and Alsahafa ) and in the east ( Alrabwah, Rayyan, Alhamra and Kortobah ) have ranged between 80,000 and 100,000 riyals per year. Finally, the southern part of Riyadh is still scoring the lowest renting price rates in Riyadh. Most of its neighborhoods such as Badr, al-Fawaz, Alazizyah and Hazim are offering rent rates that do not exceed 7000 riyals annually.

To escape from these prices, that are considered by many young families very high compared to salaries, a big number of them have decided to resort to live in the suburbs of the city, where they can save 50 % of the leasing value and housing at villas with the same level and features. Although, some of them had to go through a distance of over 70 kilometers per day ( round trip ) to get to their jobs in Riyadh .

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