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Al Madina Al Monawara in the Wester Region :

Al Madina

The prophet Mohamed said “Do not set on a journey except for three mosques: Al Masjed Al Haram, the mosque of Allah’s messenger, and the mosque of Al Aqsa”. This virtue shows the value of the mosque of Allah’s messenger which is located in Al Madin. This city is sacred for another reason.

The prophet Mohamed left Mecca at the time its residence antagonized him. This made him decide to leave and stayed in Al Madinah . After that, the residence of Al Madinah welcomed the prophet as they are famous of their generous hospitality. All Muslims feel inner peace once they visit Al Madiana. There is also the holy Rawda which is part of the Paradise. It is located between the prophet’s grave and his pulpit. Moreover, one prayer in the prophet’s mosque is better than one thousand prayers in any other mosque except Al Masjed Al Haram.

Al Madinah`s most important places:

Mosques: The prophet’s mosque – the seven mosques – Qoubaa mosque.

The Islamic areas: Al Baqee – location of Badr Foray – the grave of Ohod Battle’s Martyrs.

Governmental landmarks: Al Madinah Al monawara municipality – Al Hijaz rail station – Prince Mohamed bin Abdel Aziz International Airport – Prince Sultan bin Abdel Aziz Palace.

Cultural landmarks: King Abdel Aziz Library – the Islamic University – Taiba University.


Hospitals: King Abdullah medical city - Prince Sultan Hospital – King Fahd Hospital.

Gardens: King Fahd central park – Ohod martyrs garden – Prince Mohamed garden.

Malls and Restaurants: Al Nour mall – Rotana Mall – Al Baik restaurant – Pizza Hut.

Hotels: Hilton – Ramada – Moevenpick.

Apartments for Sale in Al Madinah :

Residential real estate market is flourishing in Al Madinah as most buyers like to own property there as the city is a destination for many Muslims every year to visit Al Masjed Al Nabawy. Hence, their apartments can be rented in Ommra and Pilgrimage seasons. In this part of the articles, we will talk about apartments that are for sale in Al Madinah . The prices of apartments there are determined according to the size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and whether it contains of one floor or duplex. We will compare between three of Al Madinah’s neighborhoods.

Al Ranwna neighborhood: If an apartment there whose area is 220 square meters and contains of 5 bedrooms and 3 baths, its price for sale would be about 600,000 SR.

Al Aziza neighborhood: If an apartment there whose size is 525 square meters and contains of 4 bedrooms and 3 baths, its price for sale would be about 1,100,000 SR.

Al Solimania neighborhood: If a an apartment there whose size is 640 square meters and contains of 5 bedrooms and 1 baths, its price for sale would be about 9 Millions SR.

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