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Al Madinah Almonawara (Taiba):

Al Madinah

Al Madinah is the second main place in the Islamic world as the Al Masjed Al nabawy exists there. It is one of the three mosques that prophet Mohamed said about them: “Do not set on a journey except for three mosques i.e. Al Masjed Al Haram, the mosque of Allah’s messenger, and the mosque of Al Aqsa”. Al Madinah is the place where prophet Mohamed decided to travel to. It was called back then Yathreb. It is known as one of the safest areas in Saudi Arabia; moreover, its residences are known of their kindness.

It is enough for Al Madinah to be the place where prophet Mohamed had been buried. Thus, the holy Rawda, one of the heaven’s gardens, exists there between the prophet’s grave and his pulpit. For those who wish to enjoy their visit to Al Madinah should visit Al Masjed Al nabawy where one prayer in is better than one thousand prayers in any other mosque except Al Masjed Al Haram.

AlMadinah’s most important places:

Mosques: The prophet’s mosque – the seven mosques – Qoubaa mosque.

The Islamic areas: Al Baqee – location of Badr Foray – the grave of Ohod Battle’s Martyrs.

Governmental landmarks: Al Madinah Al monawara municipality – Al Hijaz rail station – Prince Mohamed bin Abdel Aziz International Airport – Prince Sultan bin Abdel Aziz Palace.

Cultural landmarks: King Abdel Aziz Library – the Islamic University – Taiba University.


Hospitals: King Abdullah medical city - Prince Sultan Hospital – King Fahd Hospital.

Gardens: King Fahd central park – Ohod martyrs garden – Prince Mohamed garden.

Malls and Restaurants: Al Nour mall – Rotana Mall – Al Baik restaurant – Pizza Hut.

Hotels: Hilton – Ramada – Moevenpick.

Land for sale in Al Madinah:

It is known that Al Madinah is a touristic religious place, and many muslims visit it every year. This makes the land real estate market prosper especially which is offered for sale. Lands in Jeddah prices in there depend on its location, area, the services available for, and the purpose of it whether commercial, industrial, or residential.

Commercial purpose: This who intends to set up a commercial project starting by owning the land firstly then set his project; he should search for land that is close to Al Masjed Al Nabawy as much as he can. Moreover, the land area should be suitable for his project.

Industrial purpose: This who intends to set up an industrial project; he should search for land that is located in an industrial zone where certain services are available such as, paved roads. It is advisable that the land be away from the populated zones.

Residential purpose: This who intends to set up a residential project such as building a block, a villa or even a huge compound, should search for a piece of land whose area is suitable. Moreover, it should be close to the main roads that ease access to it. For example, if it is going to be a block, he should think of the renter whether he belongs to middle class or to the elite one. This would ease choosing the appropriate zone to start building the block. If it is going to be a villa, he should search for a piece of land that is located within villas zone in elite neighborhoods, such as al Azhary or Al Fisaliyah.

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