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Jeddah`s calm neighborhood - Al Basateen


Al Basateen is one of Jeddah’s western neighborhoods. It is located in the heart of elite neighborhoods. It is bounded to the north by Obhour Al Janobiya neighborhood, to the south by Al Muhammadiyah neighborhood, to the east by King Abdul Aziz International Airport, and to the west by Al Murjan neighborhood. As for the roads, on the east there is Al Madina Al Monawara Road and on the west there is King Abdul Aziz Road. There is also Prince Sultan Street that passes in the middle of the neighborhood and is parallel to Prince Sultan Street.  It is worth mentioning that the most distinguishing property in the neighborhood is the palace of Prince Khaled Al Faisal, Prince of Makkah Al Mokarama region.

In Regards to the facilities in the neighborhood, there is the institution of Obhour municipality. As for the educational services, there are Arab International Schools, Al Fanar Schools, Al Ibdaa National Schools for females, and Rabigh Wings Aviation Academy. Moreover, there is Al Wojahaa medical center and Dr. Hamed Al Dandashy dentistry clinic. Moving to banks, there are branches of Al Ahly bank, Al Riyadh bank, Saudi French bank, Al Jazeera bank, and Arab National Bank. Talking about mosques, there are Al Ferdaous, Al Salihia, and Khaled bin Al Waleed mousque which is considered as a religious school. In addition, Ahmed Al Obaikan’s real estate company is one of the most important companies there.


For those who want to have fun, there are many places can be visited. As for restaurants, there are Pizza Hut, Classic Burger, KFC, Taktaka, Baskin Robbins, Sultan Burger, Munch, Hardees, and Dunkin Donuts. There are also cafes such as Barneys, Krispy Cream and Bon Bon. Concerning those who like to hang out and buy there is Roshan Mall that is located near to the neighborhood in Al Murjan neighborhood. There is also in the neighborhood Curves gymnasium.

A Glance on the Villas for Sale in Al Basateen

Being for elite neighborhood controls the real estate market in Al Basateen neighborhood. This has made the majority of the houses there be villas that have a unique characteristic.  According to Lamudi, prices of the offered for sale villas are ranged between 2 million and 500 thousand SR and 10 million SR. However, there are villas cheaper than minimum rate and palaces exceeded the maximum rate. There are many Villas for rent  as well. 

Before giving examples on the offered for sale villas in the neighborhood, we should mention that the prices of them depend on their area and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. If a 275 square meter-Villa with 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, it costs around 1 million and 350 thousand SR and this is the cheapest villa there. Another villa that is considered the most expensive ever in the neighborhood, which is a palace and not just a villa whose area is 2300 square meters with 8 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. Its price is around 30 million SR. An example of a villa that costs within the normal rate in the neighborhood, a fully furnished villa whose area is ​​405 square meters with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. it costs around 4 million and 500 thousand SR.

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