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Jeddah, The Bride of The Red Sea

flats for rent Jeddah

"Jeddah is different" a byword has passed through generations since the city has been joined Saudi Arabia by King Abdul Aziz, God's mercy upon him, in 1952 AD. It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Saudi Arabia as it is called “The Bride of The Red Sea”. Moreover, it is the second important city in the Kingdom after the capital Riyadh. It has become one of the overpopulated cities.

According to the statistics of the Secretariat of Jeddah published on its official website, the city`s population has become 3 million and 400 thousand inhabitants, which means about 14% of the Kingdom's population. However, the municipality is doing emance efforts to provide accommodation in Jeddah for everyone. Hence, officials have begun the expansion of the surrounding land in the city like Dhahban and Obhour Al Shamaliyah. Moreover, Tiba, Al Sawary, Al Yaqoot, and Riyadh neighborhoods have not become the North boundary anymore; Thuwal has become the northern border of it. There are more than 90 neighborhoods in the city, a number which has grown remarkably over the years .

Jeddah`s Landmarks

The city has many tourist places, hotels, universities and entertainment venues, but most places that will be mentioned are not exclusive to, but examples.

Universities: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, located in Thuwal - Arab Open University - University of King Abdul Aziz - Effat University

Airports: King Abdulaziz International Airport.

Tourist places: King Fahd Fountain - Abdel Raouf Khalil Museum - Nassif House - the tallest flagpole in the world, 165 meters high.

Towers: Khuzam Tower - Radio and TV Tower - King Road Tower, a residential tower consisting of 34 floors and has the largest LED screen advertising in the world.

Hotels & Malls: Park Hyatt Hotel & Resort - Rosewood Hotel - InterContinental Hotel - Hamra Hotel. As per the malls: Red Sea Mall - Al Salam Mall - Aziz Mall - Haifa Mall.

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Mosques: Rahma Mosque, the first mosque in the world builds on the surface of the sea - King Saud Mosque, the largest mosque in the city, as it fits 5000 people.

Resorts and Parks: Sharbatly village - Makarem Al Nakhil village - Fakih Aquarium – Aqua Park.

Why Rent an Apartment in Jeddah?

Most people from outside are the ones who seek to rent apartments in Jeddah. Thus, if you are a Saudi resident in Riyadh for example, or a non-Saudi who works in Jeddah, this information might help with your search for a suitable apartment. Once you decide to rent an apartment you should follow these criteria. Search for the annual rental price, the neighborhood, destination between it and your work, the area, the number of bedrooms, and the number of bathrooms.

Giving you an example on the previously mentioned points, if  your work is near to one of these streets, Palastine St. , King Fahd St., Al Makarona St., Prince Majed St., or AL Haramin Highway, it is advisable to rent an apartment in Bny Malek Neighborhood because these streets pass by. Thus, if an apartment there whose area is 84 square meters and contains of 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, its annual rental price would be about 17000 RS.

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