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Property Ownership in Jeddah, the difficult choice

Jeddah Apartment

Jeddah has the highest number of apartments that are offered for rent and sale, as several old and new neighborhoods turned into a huge display for this market which increases the value of licensed lands to build this kind of property of more than 25 % in the past two years, and are still very popular market. Freehold apartment offers are founded in the central districts of the city such as Salamah , Naseem , Harameen , Marwa and Safa. Other offers are available in the south of the city like Wazeria , Sharafia , new Thaghar , and very abundant offers in the northern districts of Jeddah such as Alnaem , Zahra and Rawdah which is one of the neighborhoods that have reached imaginary

A bird in the hand!

For many residents of Jeddah, owning an apartment is the best choice that gives them a chance to overcome the madness of the increased renting rates and the pressure of owners who demand evacuation of their property in a short time or evade bear the responsibility of providing some of the requirements for the tenants , by not responding to the maintenance requests or facility crashes that occur from time to time in the residential units . The absence of a regulation that protects the right of the tenant and preserves the right of the owner at the same time is one of the main reasons that drive tenants to think seriously about owning a house in the city. This is in addition to the limited budget , which forces many families to abandon the dream of getting their own private villa .

Thus, many have decided to go ahead in possessing a property according to their budget and have chosen to enjoy a sense of stability and safety.

Others’ Experiences

At the same time, regrets were expressed by large number of new owners who bought an apartment in the city and lived the fact that a dream home is in a shared services building. Most of them request to impose a system to protect the buildings for a small fee .

Here is a list of complaints that have emerged over the past years from flats owners in Jeddah :

Jeddah Apartment

Owners of the apartments ensure that they have lived a very bad experience regarding their ownerships. Problems of those properties and many technical flaws do not appear before a year or more of buying. Hence, after achieving their dream of owning a resident, a package of defects appear in a brief period of buying, which include interior or exterior materials, doors , electricity and sanitation problems.

This is one of the most issues that had occupied corridors of Jeddah’s courts recently and was failed to be settled by real estate commissions in the Chambers of Commerce due to widening differences and lack of commitment to what was stated in agreements that govern relationship between apartments’ owners  who share common parts inside those residential buildings.

In spite of the circumstances that surrounded possessing apartments, they are still a very viable market demonstrating that many of them are offered for sale at the finishing stage and before the issuance of approval to divide the property into residential units . The enthusiasts in buying a property believe that it saves money for the fact that real estate investment is most secure investments . Last of all, apartments’ owners remain more optimistic in issuance of a governmental legalization that resolves problems, handles complaints about property ownerships and finds a clear regulation in near future.

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