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Flats in Mecca - Saudi Real Estate

Mecca Combines the Nobility of the Past and the Splendor of the Present


If you visit Mecca, you'll absolutely feel the greatness and the majesty of this holy city, the city where Prophet Muhammad- peace and blessings be upon him- lived, the city of Al-Ka'ba Al-Musharafa, the direction of Muslims' prayers. Muslims travel to Mecca from all over the world to practice their religious rituals and perform the pilgrimage "Al-Hajj" - the largest gathering of Muslims around the world- every year.

According to statistics, in 2010 the population of Mecca was 1.675.000. 75% of them are Saudi and the rest are foreigners. People from different nationalities and varying ethnicities became residents of the city; most of them are from Yemen, Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Mali, and Sudan.

The Effect of The Economy on Real Estate In Mecca

Religious tourism is the main revenue in Mecca, thousands of people visit Mecca on a monthly basis; that's why the Saudi government made some new expansions, like the expansion of the Grand Mosque as part of the "King Abdullah Grand Mosque Expansion Project", Khandama mountain project, and Omar mountain project. All these projects improve the real estate market in Mecca especially the hotels and the furnished apartments.

The pilgrimage to Mecca attracts millions of Muslims from all over the world, so the demand for furnished apartments increases during this time of the year, and during Ramadan especially in areas that are close to Al-Haram area. The prices vary from 15,000 Saudi Riyals to 35,000 Saudi Riyals a year, and for rent the closer the apartment to Al Haram is, the higher the price will be. The same goes for the apartments that are for sale, a medium-size apartment would cost between 300,00 to 550,000 Saudi Riyals and could reach more than 650,000 Saudi Riyals.

Some Tips to Help you When Renting or Buying an Apartment in Mecca:

It is well known that Mecca is not like any other city, so one should think thoroughly and be aware of all the living conditions before renting or buying an apartment there.

  1. Try to choose an area that is safe and convenient for you in terms of the distance to your work or university/school. After settling in, ask the neighbors about the good things and the bad things about this neighborhood.
  2. Before renting or buying the apartment check that everything related to it is legal especially if it is in an old building.
  3. If you want to rent, make sure when you sign the contract with the owner that all your rights are protected.
  4. It is recommended to sign a 3 months contract at the beginning and then decide whether to extend or cancel the contract.
  5. If you want to rent a furnished apartment for a short period (for Hajj or Umrah) make sure that it is close to Al-Haram, don't depend on the transportation.

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